A tremendous amount of volunteers are needed for to keep a four day conference running smoothly. It takes 100 people to carry out the responsibilities and fill the slots below. If you are interested in volunteering a little time, Contact Us.

“Volunteering at the Federation conference is a rewarding experience. Working with a group of enthusiastic, dedicated individuals in making this conference bigger and better every year is energizing, and being involved means getting to know many of the attendees on a personal basis.”

Registration Table Assistants - 2 hours each
NY Federation Conference 2016(Sunday Afternoon, Sunday Evening and Monday Morning) The majority of attendees arrive during the first day of the conference. In order to keep registration lines moving, the core registration staff needs extra hands to distribute name badges, gifts and welcome packets.
Daily Greeters - 1 hour each
Volunteers-LunchMonitor(Sunday Evening and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings)
The Daily Greeter welcomes people with a handshake and warm smile! Greeters answer questions and facilitate network contacts to newcomers. Our goal is simply to make everyone feel like an “old friend”. This is a great opportunity to hand out your business card!
Projector Operators - 1-1/2 hour each
Volunteers-Projector(Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) Projectors are supplied by the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations for the technical program which has five (5) concurrent sessions. Projector operators meet each morning in the Conference Center with the moderators, speakers and panelists to ensure a smooth running program.
Lunch Monitors - ½ hour each
NY Federation Conference 2016(Monday lunch, Tuesday lunch) Monday lunch is sit down and monitors assist with “traffic flow” so that every seat is occupied by our large group. Tuesday is a lunch on the go and coupons need to be collected for each box lunch.
Green Team - Varies
Volunteers-GreenTeam(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) It is not enough to simply talk about greening up and sustainability at a conference attended by many of New York’s greenest people. Volunteers remind attendees how they can reuse and recycle throughout the conference, breaking down boxes and collecting name badges. This is a rewarding reuse and recycling learning opportunity in a large venue which presents similar challenges faced back home in community and sporting events and festivals.
Planning Committee
Volunteers-Planning(The other 361 days) A core group of individuals work on this conference throughout the rest of the year. New faces bring new ideas and help with succession. Discussion takes place through conference calls and e-mails. Experience is not necessary – just a willingness to continue the tradition of putting on the best regional conference!
Exhibitor and Sponsors Liaisons - Flexible Hours
Volunteers-LiaisonsEach liaison is given a list of exhibitors and sponsors to check if they have any special needs, collect feedback through a short questionnaire, thank them for participating and welcome them back next year.