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Solid waste and recycling professionals are suddenly being looked to as one of the core groups to “green up” our governments, facilities and businesses, with the goal of making our communities more “sustainable”. Solid waste management has changed a lot in the last decade; but, moving forward, how is the “Strive for Sustainability” concept going to influence solid waste management and recycling? Below are a few suggestions for speaker topics; but, other ideas are certainly welcome to advance solid waste and recycling in the world of climate change.

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Speaker1Moderators, Speakers and Panelists meet each morning prior to the sessions in the Conference Center to finalize the day’s logistics such as audiovisual, lighting, and hand-outs, etc.

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Speaker2Presentations are a minimum 30 minutes including Q&A. Moderators are given flexibility of their format during a 1-1/2 hour session.

Laptops equipped with PowerPoint and projectors are provided by the Federation.

In recognition of speaker preparation and participation, the Conference Registration Fee is reduced for the presenter. For multi-authored presentations, there is only one reduced Registration Fee per presentation. If the speaker is attending to participate only in his/her session, the Registration Fee is waived; however, registration is still required.

For additional details, including information on requirements for presentations eligible for engineering continuing education credit, see Presentation Requirements.

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