Exhibitor Booths

100Booth 100

Federation of New York Solid Waste Assocation
Sponsor & Exhibitor opportunities for 2018
Contact: Matt Curley
101Booth 101

102Booth 102

DJ Andy Pratt
Federation announcements and music
Contact: Andy Pratt
103Booth 103

104Booth 104

County Waste and Recycling
Commercial & Residential-Recycling Services
Contact: Don Hallock
105Booth 105

106Booth 106

County Waste and Recycling
Commercial & Residential-Recycling Services
Contact: Dan Kurtz
107Booth 107

108Booth 108

County Waste and Recycling
Commercial & Residential-Recycling Services
Contact: Mark Ceresa
109Booth 109

110Booth 110

Advance Scale
Weighing system solutions
Contact: Jim Santarpio
111Booth 111

112Booth 112

113Booth 113

114Booth 114

NH Kelman Inc.
Scrap Metal Recycling Facility
Contact: Brian Pollock
115Booth 115

Geomembrane Maufacturer
Contact: Michael Winterbourne
117Booth 117

Dynamic Print & Promations
Helping to design,develop and promote your brand
Contact: John Langworthy
200Booth 200

Sustainable Generation
scalable organic waste conversion solutions
Contact: Brett Hoyt
201Booth 201

Chesapeake Containment Systems, Inc.
Geosynthetic products & installation services
Contact: Ryan Kamp
216Booth 216

Rotochopper Inc.
Industrial Grinding Equipment
Contact: Scott Harrington
217Booth 217

Schaefer Systems Int. Inc.
Injection molded carts & recycling roll out carts
Contact: Don Isabella
300Booth 300

Geomembrane Manufacturing
Contact: Don Diguilio
302Booth 302

Troy Belting & Supply
Electro & Mechanical Repair Service
Contact: David Barcomb
304Booth 304

Troy Belting & Supply
Electro & Mechanical Repair Service
Contact: Duncan Rounds
306Booth 306

G-S Products
Manufacturer waste/recycling collection vehicles
Contact: Stan Haines
308Booth 308

310Booth 310

Safety Management Systems Inc.
Solid waste risk management & compliance software
Contact: Mike Spizzirri
312Booth 312

Winters Bros
Waste and Recycling services
Contact: Al Neri
314Booth 314

D & B Architects & Engineers
Engineering services
Contact: Theodore Pytlar
316Booth 316

GSE Environmental
Geosynthetic products
Contact: Terry Sheridan
401Booth 401

Bandit Industries
Wood and waste processing Equipment
Contact: Matt Merriam
403Booth 403

H2H Associates LLC
Mobile, Aerial, Hydrographic survey & mapping
Contact: Mark Farber
405Booth 405

407Booth 407

ISCO Industries
Pipe, Fittings, Fabrication, Structures, Fusion
Contact: Stephen McDonald
409Booth 409

411Booth 411

Northern Safety & Industrial
Safety Equipment
Contact: Gary Guertin
413Booth 413

Blackhawk Technology Co.
Piston Pump Manufacturer
Contact: David Ryan
415Booth 415

Neptune Automated Wheel Wash Systems
Automated Cleaning Systems
Contact: David Ryan
417Booth 417

D.G. Marshall
Designers and builders of conveying systems
Contact: Jim Marshall
500Booth 500

Bomag Americas
Mobile Landfill Compactors
Contact: Jim Head
501Booth 501

Moby Dick
Wheel Washing Systems
Contact: David Dickson
516Booth 516

SCS Engineers, PC
Environmental Consultants
Contact: Lisa Wilkinson
517Booth 517

Trex Company Inc.
Lumber from recycled plastics
Contact: SamaraNorman
600Booth 600

The Idea Works!
Promotional & Recognition Products
Contact: Chuck Leone
601Booth 601

Lee Supply Company
Pipe & Pump Systems
Contact: Michael Lee
602Booth 602

EPG Companies, Inc.
Landfill equipment
Contact: Pat Hasslen
603Booth 603

MRU Instruments
Gas Analyzers for biogas
Contact: John Bickers
604Booth 604

Precision Scale and Balance
Sales, Installation & service of all truck scales
Contact: Michael DeMeis
605Booth 605

606Booth 606


607Booth 607

Afitex texel
The drainage you want
Contact: Pascal Saunier
608Booth 608

Hybrid Building Solutions
Premier tension membrane steel buildings
Contact: Bryan Merkwa
609Booth 609

610Booth 610

611Booth 611

Peninsula Plastics
Manufacturers of Curbside recycling bins
Contact: Craig Bolton
612Booth 612

613Booth 613

AEBI New England
Vegatation control of slopes and difficult terrain
Contact: Gina Beach
614Booth 614

615Booth 615

Simplicity Engineering (NE) Inc.
Waste Processing Equipment
Contact: James Butler
616Booth 616

Rehrig Pacific
Soultion provider from plastic carts to dumpsters
Contact: Dave Afonso
202Booth 202

Everett J Prescott
Services for Water and Sewer Industries
Contact: Pete Hanrahan
203Booth 203

Finch Waste Company LLC
Contact: Lauren Cummings
204Booth 204

205Booth 205

206Booth 206

Filtrexx of New York
Storm water management, sediment & erosion control
Contact: Eric Persons
207Booth 207

WeCare Denali
Recycled organic residuals
Contact: Emma Yates
208Booth 208

209Booth 209

Stony Brook University
Offering degrees in environmental management
Contact: David Tonjes
210Booth 210

NCM Odor Control
leader in the supply of odor control technologies
Contact: John O'Brian
211Booth 211

Seal of testing assurance
Contact: Greg Gelewski
212Booth 212

American Excelsior Company
Erosion and sediment control products
Contact: Harvey Dickson
213Booth 213

Hallco Industries Inc.
Bulk handling material solutions
Contact: Matt Odoski
214Booth 214

215Booth 215

Adinorth Structures LLC
Pre-Engineered Buildings for any site
Contact: Bethany Donnelly
502Booth 502

Atlantic Nuclear
Radiation detection services
Contact: John Anderson
503Booth 503

Aero Aggregates
Aggregate produced from recycled glass
Contact: Archie Filshill
504Booth 504

505Booth 505

H.D. Supply
Fusible HPDE pipe fitting and manholes
Contact: Ronalo Gallipeau
506Booth 506

507Booth 507


508Booth 508

509Booth 509

Sierra International Machinery LLC
Material Handlers, Solid waste equipment
Contact: Bob Ditrola
510Booth 510

511Booth 511

Aria Energy
A leader in North American LFG sector
Contact: Emily Zambuto
512Booth 512

513Booth 513

Screen Machine Industries
USA-made chushers, screens, trommels, conveyors
Contact: Rick Brown
514Booth 514

Emery-Winslow Scale Company
Scale Manufacturers
Contact: David Young
515Booth 515

BE Equipment Inc.
Recycling equipment sales, service, relines, parts
Contact: Woody Clark
301Booth 301

Lystek International
Organic materials recovery firm
Contact: Jim Belcastro
303Booth 303

FRP roofing and siding products
Contact: Joseph Hepp
305Booth 305

Table Top
307Booth 307

Rear View Safety
Commercial backup camera systems
Contact: Jean-Paul Weaver
313Booth 313

Geotechnics, Inc.
Geotechnical & Geosynthetics Testing
Contact: Randy O'Rourke
315Booth 315

Rochem Membrane Systems
Landfill Leachate
Contact: Bernie Rieder
317Booth 317

Table Top
400Booth 400

Humdinger Equipment
Shredders and compactors
Contact: Tom Geissinger
402Booth 402

Table Top
404Booth 404

Milton Cat
Caterpillar equipment for the waste industry
Contact: John Kramer
406Booth 406

Table Top
412Booth 412

Coastal Wire
Manufactures wire products
Contact: Mike Will
414Booth 414

Peoples United Equipment Finance Inc.
Providing finance & leasing of all types
Contact: Robert Marino
416Booth 416

Table Top
702Booth 702

Covanta Energy
Waste to Energy
Contact: Kenneth Armellino
704Booth 704

QED Environmental Systems, Inc
Landfill pumps
Contact: Greg Scarella
706Booth 706

Waste handling and recycling equipment
Contact: Tom Nero
708Booth 708

Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC
Environmental Engineering & Consulting
Contact: Rob Holmes
710Booth 710

Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
SW & Recycling Services
Contact: Andrea Calarco
712Booth 712

Casella Waste Systems, Inc.
SW & Recycling Services
Contact: Al Sabino
714Booth 714

Leak Location Services, Inc.
Geoelectric Leak Locations
Contact: Matthew Kemnitz
716Booth 716

Creative Information Systems, Inc.
Scale Management Software
Contact: Kevin St. John
718Booth 718

Provides corrosion resistant valves & piping
Contact: Joseph Durning

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Booth IDCompanyServicesContact
100Federation of New York Solid Waste AssocationSponsor & Exhibitor opportunities for 2018Matt Curley
102DJ Andy PrattFederation announcements and musicAndy Pratt
104County Waste and RecyclingCommercial & Residential-Recycling ServicesDon Hallock
106County Waste and RecyclingCommercial & Residential-Recycling ServicesDan Kurtz
108County Waste and RecyclingCommercial & Residential-Recycling ServicesMark Ceresa
110Advance ScaleWeighing system solutionsJim Santarpio
114NH Kelman Inc.Scrap Metal Recycling FacilityBrian Pollock
115SolmaxGeomembrane MaufacturerMichael Winterbourne
117Dynamic Print & PromationsHelping to design,develop and promote your brandJohn Langworthy
200Sustainable Generationscalable organic waste conversion solutionsBrett Hoyt
201Chesapeake Containment Systems, Inc.Geosynthetic products & installation servicesRyan Kamp
202Everett J PrescottServices for Water and Sewer IndustriesPete Hanrahan
203Finch Waste Company LLCLandfillLauren Cummings
206Filtrexx of New YorkStorm water management, sediment & erosion controlEric Persons
207WeCare DenaliRecycled organic residualsEmma Yates
209Stony Brook UniversityOffering degrees in environmental managementDavid Tonjes
210NCM Odor Controlleader in the supply of odor control technologiesJohn O'Brian
211USCCSeal of testing assuranceGreg Gelewski
212American Excelsior CompanyErosion and sediment control productsHarvey Dickson
213Hallco Industries Inc.Bulk handling material solutionsMatt Odoski
215Adinorth Structures LLCPre-Engineered Buildings for any siteBethany Donnelly
216Rotochopper Inc.Industrial Grinding EquipmentScott Harrington
217Schaefer Systems Int. Inc.Injection molded carts & recycling roll out cartsDon Isabella
300Agru-AmericaGeomembrane ManufacturingDon Diguilio
301Lystek InternationalOrganic materials recovery firmJim Belcastro
302Troy Belting & SupplyElectro & Mechanical Repair ServiceDavid Barcomb
303ResoliteFRP roofing and siding productsJoseph Hepp
304Troy Belting & SupplyElectro & Mechanical Repair ServiceDuncan Rounds
305Table Top$895
306G-S ProductsManufacturer waste/recycling collection vehiclesStan Haines
307Rear View SafetyCommercial backup camera systemsJean-Paul Weaver
310Safety Management Systems Inc.Solid waste risk management & compliance softwareMike Spizzirri
312Winters BrosWaste and Recycling servicesAl Neri
313Geotechnics, Inc.Geotechnical & Geosynthetics TestingRandy O'Rourke
314D & B Architects & EngineersEngineering servicesTheodore Pytlar
315Rochem Membrane SystemsLandfill LeachateBernie Rieder
316GSE EnvironmentalGeosynthetic productsTerry Sheridan
317Table Top$895
400Humdinger EquipmentShredders and compactorsTom Geissinger
401Bandit IndustriesWood and waste processing EquipmentMatt Merriam
402Table Top$895
403H2H Associates LLCMobile, Aerial, Hydrographic survey & mappingMark Farber
404Milton CatCaterpillar equipment for the waste industryJohn Kramer
406Table Top$895
407ISCO IndustriesPipe, Fittings, Fabrication, Structures, FusionStephen McDonald
411Northern Safety & IndustrialSafety EquipmentGary Guertin
412Coastal WireManufactures wire productsMike Will
413Blackhawk Technology Co.Piston Pump ManufacturerDavid Ryan
414Peoples United Equipment Finance Inc.Providing finance & leasing of all typesRobert Marino
415Neptune Automated Wheel Wash SystemsAutomated Cleaning SystemsDavid Ryan
416Table Top$895
417D.G. MarshallDesigners and builders of conveying systemsJim Marshall
500Bomag AmericasMobile Landfill CompactorsJim Head
501Moby DickWheel Washing SystemsDavid Dickson
502Atlantic NuclearRadiation detection servicesJohn Anderson
503Aero AggregatesAggregate produced from recycled glassArchie Filshill
505H.D. SupplyFusible HPDE pipe fitting and manholesRonalo Gallipeau
509Sierra International Machinery LLCMaterial Handlers, Solid waste equipmentBob Ditrola
511Aria EnergyA leader in North American LFG sectorEmily Zambuto
513Screen Machine IndustriesUSA-made chushers, screens, trommels, conveyorsRick Brown
514Emery-Winslow Scale CompanyScale ManufacturersDavid Young
515BE Equipment Inc.Recycling equipment sales, service, relines, partsWoody Clark
516SCS Engineers, PCEnvironmental ConsultantsLisa Wilkinson
517Trex Company Inc.Lumber from recycled plasticsSamaraNorman
600The Idea Works!Promotional & Recognition ProductsChuck Leone
601Lee Supply CompanyPipe & Pump SystemsMichael Lee
602EPG Companies, Inc.Landfill equipmentPat Hasslen
603MRU InstrumentsGas Analyzers for biogasJohn Bickers
604Precision Scale and BalanceSales, Installation & service of all truck scalesMichael DeMeis
607Afitex texelThe drainage you wantPascal Saunier
608Hybrid Building SolutionsPremier tension membrane steel buildingsBryan Merkwa
611Peninsula PlasticsManufacturers of Curbside recycling binsCraig Bolton
613AEBI New EnglandVegatation control of slopes and difficult terrainGina Beach
615Simplicity Engineering (NE) Inc.Waste Processing EquipmentJames Butler
616Rehrig PacificSoultion provider from plastic carts to dumpstersDave Afonso
702Covanta EnergyWaste to EnergyKenneth Armellino
704QED Environmental Systems, IncLandfill pumpsGreg Scarella
706WastequipWaste handling and recycling equipmentTom Nero
708Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLCEnvironmental Engineering & ConsultingRob Holmes
710Casella Waste Systems, Inc.SW & Recycling ServicesAndrea Calarco
712Casella Waste Systems, Inc.SW & Recycling ServicesAl Sabino
714Leak Location Services, Inc.Geoelectric Leak LocationsMatthew Kemnitz
716Creative Information Systems, Inc.Scale Management SoftwareKevin St. John
718Asahi/AmericaProvides corrosion resistant valves & pipingJoseph Durning