2024 ESA Registration Form

Available November 17, 2023

ESA Sign-Up Helpful Tips

What is an ‘ESA’?
Acronym for Exhibitor, Sponsor and/or Advertiser (ESA)
Contact Information
The ‘contact information’ is the company person handling the coordination and paperwork. It may or may not be the person who is in the booth. See ‘Utilizing Attendee Voucher’ below.

Past Exhibitors – Reserved Booths
Reservation Booth Vouchers were sent based upon years of commitment. Simply enter your Reservation Booth Voucher (seven character) in the online ESA Sign-Up. It expires February 17, 2023 when the booth will be released for general inventory.

Multiple Sponsorships
The more sponsorships you select, the more times you are recognized in the Conference and Welcome Program, announced, etc. If you exceed three (3), you will need to initiate a second ESA Sign-Up.
Platinum ($6,000) and Gold ($3,000) Sponsorships
Contact Mallory Cail (register@nyfederation.org) for personalized service for the sign up process.

Payment Options
You are offered two (2) payment choices: credit card or invoice.
• Credit Card: Your credit card is immediately charged. Look for ‘SWANA, NYS’ on your credit card statement.
• Invoice: An email is sent to the Contact Person with the invoice attached as a pdf.
Attendee Voucher Receipt and Activation
All Booths, Outdoor Equipment Display, Platinum ($6,000) Sponsorships and Gold ($3,000) Sponsorships receive a complimentary registration. After you SUBMIT, an email is sent with a credit card receipt or invoice for your complimentary registration. It includes an ATTENDEE VOUCHER.

ATTENDEE VOUCHER is activated upon full payment:
• Credit Card: Immediately. Utilize on the online Attendee Registration.
• Invoice: Activated after full payment is made.

Attendee Registration
The online Attendee Registration is where you enter the onsite booth person to utilize the ATTENDEE VOUCHER.
After you check out, the Order Summary will show “0” owed.
Colleagues, Spouses and Activities
It is necessary to complete their own registration to insure that everyone receives the required name badge and entrance to the conference. The Tuesday activities must be purchased at the time of Attendee Registration, otherwise contact Mallory Cail to add an activity after the fact.
Mallory Cail, Registrar (register@nyfederation.org), is able to assist you through the process.

The NY Federation Conference team looks forward to working with you on this new initiative and devoting more time to promoting your product and services.