Call for Abstracts for 2024 NY Annual Solid Waste & Recycling Conference

BOLTON LANDING, NY – Each year, the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations’ Conferencewith Trade Show attracts national attention and hundreds of attendees. As always, the Conference will address timely topics and trends through a diversity of expert speakers, serving as a forum for discussion and learning on the most pertinent issues—in New York as well as nationally—faced by solid waste and recycling professionals. The upcoming conference runs May 19-22, 2024 located at The Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY. The 2024 program will put a spotlight on responding to climate change (with topics such as renewable natural gas and electric vehicles), and also feature per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination as a focus area.

Abstracts are now being accepted to develop next year’s program.

If you have an innovative program or improved process that you’d like to share with hundreds of your peers, please consider presenting at the 2024 Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations’ Conference. Abstracts of up to 250 words will be accepted through Dec. 1, 2023, on any topic associated with solid waste, including waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, product stewardship, energy-from-waste (EFW), and landfilling operations. Topics which tie together recycling and engineering that are potentially eligible for professional engineer credit will receive immediate consideration due to attendee demand. Technical presentations on products offered by exhibitors are also encouraged. Abstracts may be easily submitted through the Conference website at

The Conference continues to offer an expanded program featuring three full days of technical sessions.Each breakout session typically includes up to three presentations of approximately 20 minutes in length, followed by questions and answers. Conference tracks are designed to provide more in-depth discussions of solid waste/materials management issues, catered to specific interests. Topics for the2024 Conference are envisioned to include: climate change and carbon footprint reduction; emerging contaminants (PFAS); innovative design and case studies; operational optimization; conversion technologies; food waste composting and biological treatment; debris management; extended producer responsibility; beneficial use of LFG and closed landfills; collection and transportation efficiencies; employee retention; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); safety best practices and training; and more (see the full list of potential topics on the following page).

The Conference will again take place at The Sagamore, a historic four-diamond resort on Lake George.The event draws upwards of 700 participants from not only the Northeast, Midwest, and Southern US,but also Canada and Europe. Due to the abundance of networking opportunities, newcomers are continually attracted and typically about 20 percent of attendees are first-time participants. For more information, contact Amy Davies at (518) 907-0637; or reach out to us at

Emergency Management
Contingency Planning
Fire Prevention Strategies
Natural Disaster Debris Management
Safety Protocols
Technology Systems Security

Employee Relations
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
Employee Retention & Shortages
Recruitment Strategies

Innovation & Education
Alternative Energy Projects
Biodiversity & Wildlife Management Projects
Climate Smart Communities Waste
Community Outreach Programs
Environmental Education
Innovative Equipment, Technologies &
Master Planning

Landfill Gas
Beneficial Uses of Landfill Gas
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Climate Action Council
Climate Leadership Community Protection
Energy & Climate Change
Energy Recovery & Thermal Treatment
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Organics Management
Anaerobic Digestion
Composting & Biological Treatment
Compost Contamination Solutions
Food Waste Reduction & Composting
Innovative Biosolids Management Methods

Recycling & Waste Reduction
C&D Recycling & Reuse
Commercial/Industrial Recycling Programs
Community Recycling Programs
Incentive-Based Recycling
Electronics Recycling
Odd Items Recycling
Recycling Market Trends
Reuse Programs
Waste Minimization
Zero Waste Policies

Environmental Justice Impacts
Extended Producer Responsibility
Financial Assurance Requirements
LSWMP & Biennial Reporting Tools
PFAS Policies
Product Stewardship
Superfund & Brownfield Projects

Waste Management
Beneficial Use of Closed Landfills
BUD Materials
Collection & Transportation
Engineered Solutions
Landfill Expansions
Landfill Reclamation
Landfill Stability
Microplastics Management
Odor Management
Post Closure Management
Waste Characterization & Research

Water Management at Facilities
Groundwater Remediation
Leachate Conveyance & Treatment
PFAS Treatment Technologies
Pond/Tank Management Strategies &
Stormwater Management