Advertising – Session Sponsorships

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Feature Your Company

Advertising is an excellent way for your company to display its unique services to solid waste and recycling professionals. Advertise LIVE to a targeted audience gathered for a particular topic.

During a selected session(s), your company receives:

  • 5-minute introduction of your services (speaker or video),
  • Logo displayed for ENTIRE session on speaker podium,
  • Acknowledgement for Session Sponsorship in Conference app available to all attendees,
  • Opportunity to answer questions during Q&A with speakers,
  • Company brochures available in session room,
  • Opportunity for representatives to meet and greet at beginning and end of session.

We hope you will take advantage of this new interactive way to reach out to your potential customers!

Select the session from final program in mid-February.
Opening Plenary: MondayBusch Systems
Waste Reduction: EPR, Reuse$975
Recycling: Processing, MaterialsRC Environmental LLC
Organics: Food Waste, CommercialRoyal Waste Services Inc
Landfill: Post ClosureSanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.
Conversion Technologies: EFW, Anerobic DigestionEcotec Solutions, Inc.
Emerging Contaminants: Climate Change, PFAS, RNGSanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.
Landfill General: Operations, Leachate, Stormwater Mgmt$975
Landfill Design: Geosynthetics, LFGAGRU America, Inc
Regulatory Update: Wednesday$1250