Booth – Sponsor Tables

Booth IDCompanyServicesBooth Representative
101Hybrid Building Solutions, LLCRecycling ServicesBryan Merkwa
103NY Federation ConferenceEducationalMatt Curley
105Elide Fire USA CorpSafetyFelix Reyes
109BDP IndustriesCompostingHannah Falk
114NH Kelman Scrap RecyclingRecycling ServicesKira Daley
117Waga Energy Inc.Engineering ConsultantsMarina Casadei
200WMNY Waste ManagementLandfill ServicesNicole Simonetti
201Progressive Environmental ServicesEnvironmental ServiceSteven Carl
202Everett J PrescottGeosyntheticsDoug McCluskey
203Afitex-TexelGeosyntheticsStephan Fourmont
204Wind DefenderGeosyntheticsElliot Pugh
205DurabacCollection EquipmentJustin Charbonneau
206Routeware, Inc.Computer Software/SystemsGeorge Goncalves
207Safe FleetComputer Software/SystemsJaren Naef
208Cascade Engineering, Inc.Carts/ContainersLou Russell
209WeCare-DenaliCompostingGlen Knecht
210Engineered Compost Systems (ECS)CompostingSteve Diddy
211Triad Recycling & EnergyRecycling ServicesJohn Hannon
212American Excelsior CompanyGeosyntheticsHarvey Dickson
213Hallco IndustriesDisposal ServicesMatt Odoski
214Food Cycle Science CoWaste Processing EquipmentKassia Regnier
215Stony Brook UniversityEducationalDavid Tonjes
216Brelko Conveyor Products, Inc.Waste Processing EquipmentBrett Napierata
217VAN DYK RECYCLING SOLUTIONSWaste Processing EquipmentRyan Cournoyer
300AGRU America, Inc.GeosyntheticsDon DiGuilio
301Vanguard RenewablesRecycling ServicesKelley Devaney
302Troy Industrial SolutionsWaste Processing EquipmentDuncan Rounds
303Core and MainLandfill ServicesRonald Gallipeau
304Troy Industrial SolutionsWaste Processing EquipmentDale McCarthy
305LorentzLandfill PumpsBrian Kish
306PumpOne EnvironmentalLandfill PumpsChristian Tuttle
307ALTA CONST EQUIP NY LLCLandfill ServicesAnne Jackson
308Seneca MeadowsDisposal ServicesKyle Black
310County WasteDisposal ServicesMike Ceresa
312Diamondback Products, Inc.Collection EquipmentJeff McDonald
313Geotechnics, Inc.Laboratory ServicesRandy O'Rourke
314Continental BlowerWaste Processing EquipmentPeter Cerimeli
315Otto EnvironmentalCarts/ContainersMark Brace
316Rochem AmericasLandfill ServicesBernie Rieder
317Saf-Gard Safety Shoe CoSafetyJeff Goodnough
400Atlantic Nuclear CorporationSafetyKaren Anderson
401SKAPS Industries GeosyntheticsRod Kirch
402Table Top$995
403Sustainable GenerationWaste Processing EquipmentBrett Hoyt
404Table Top$995
405Maxam Tire NATiresJohn Fanelli
406Milton CATCollection EquipmentJohn Kramer
409Schaefer Systems Int.Carts/ContainersBrant Ledbetter
411Northern Safety & IndustrialSafetyGary Guertin
412AtarfilGeosyntheticsErika Cadengo
413Blackhawk Technology CompanyLandfill PumpsDawn Parison
414ATMOS TechnologiesLandfill ServicesFrederick Rullo
415Kokolakis ContractingEngineering ConsultantsTom Ratliff
416Leachate Management SpecialistsEngineering ConsultantsBrad Granley
417Aljon by C&C Manufacturing LLCLandfill CompactionDave Reed
500Winters Bros. Waste SystemsRecycling ServicesWill Flower
501SolmaxGeosyntheticsPaul Payeur
502EcoverseWaste Processing EquipmentNiki Tilow
503BE Equipment, Inc.Waste Processing EquipmentWOODY CLARK
504Advance Tire IncTiresJerry Bruner
505Tracey Road EquipmentWaste Processing EquipmentScott Collins
506Atlantic Lining CoLandfill ServicesTimothy Rafter
508Precision Scale & BalanceScalesJonathan DeMeis
509Coastal WireRecycling ServicesMark Brennan
510GreenSheen Paint Recycling ServicesAlexander Hayman
511Aria EnergyEnergyEmily Zambuto
512Peninsula Plastics (DBA Nova Products)Carts/ContainersKayla Kleber
514Emery Winslow Scale CompanyScalesDavid Young
516SCS EngineersEngineering ConsultantsLisa Wilkinson
517Lee Supply Co. Inc.Landfill ServicesJohn Kite
600The Idea WorksPromotional ProductsChuck Leone
602Underground Refuse Systems Inc.Collection EquipmentJay Wheeler
612Eagle Associates of Cazenovia, LLCRecycling ServicesBethany Donnelly
614Euclid ChemicalWaste Processing EquipmentBob Swan
614Euclid ChemicalWaste Processing EquipmentJennifer Crisman
616Simplicity EngineeringCompostingRyan Cullen
702CovantaEnergyKenneth Armellino, PE
704QED Environmental Systems Inc.Environmental ServiceGreg Scarcella
706WasteQuipDisposal ServicesTom Nero
708Tetra TechEngineering ConsultantsBodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann
710CasellaDisposal ServicesKelli Timbrook
712CasellaDisposal ServicesMichael Stehman
714Leak Location Services Inc.Environmental ServiceMatthew Kemnitz
716PaintCareEnvironmental ServiceMarjaneh Zarrehparvar
718AsahiLandfill PumpsJoseph Durning
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www.nyfederation HostingTetra Tech
Conference App Hosting$5000
Co-General Conference Support 1Aljon by C&C Manufacturing LLC
Co-General Conference Support 2Capital Markets Advisors, LLC
Co-General Conference Support 3National Waste and Recycling Association
Co-General Conference Support 4Casella
Welcome Bags
GOLD: Registration Table - 4 daysPaintCare
GOLD: Co-Program Printing 1Sanborn Head & Associates
GOLD: Co-Program Printing 2$2500
Co-Program Mailing 1Wheelabrator
Co-Program Mailing 2H2M Architects and Engineers
eNews - 4 Issues (1500)H2M Architects and Engineers
GOLD: Attendee Gift 1Leak Location Services Inc.
GOLD: Attendee Gift 2Asahi
GOLD: Attendee Gift 3Barton & Loguidice DPC
GOLD: Attendee Gift 4HDR Inc
GOLD: Attendee Gift 5HDR Inc
GOLD: Attendee Gift 6$2500
GOLD: Attendee Gift 7$2500
Room Key CardMilton CAT
BadgesGolder Associates
FlowersWest Group Law PLLC
SignageRochem Americas
Sunday Arrival RefreshmentsWaga Energy Inc.
PLATINUM: Co-Sunday BBQ Buffet 1NH Kelman Scrap Recycling
PLATINUM: Co-Sunday BBQ Buffet 2WasteQuip
PLATINUM: Co-Sunday BBQ Buffet 3Covanta
PLATINUM: Sunday Welcome Fireworks$5000
Co-Monday Adirondack Breakfast 1AGRU America, Inc.
Co-Monday Adirondack Breakfast 2McMahon & Mann Consulting Engineering and Geology,
Co-Monday Adirondack Breakfast 3Euclid Chemical
Co-Monday Adirondack Breakfast 4D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Co-Monday Adirondack Breakfast 5$500
Co-Monday Coffee Break 1Afitex-Texel
Co-Monday Coffee Break 2Vanguard Renewables
Co-Monday Coffee Break 3sunnking
Co-Monday Coffee Break 4Tracey Road Equipment
Co-Monday Coffee Break 5$250
PLATINUM: Co-Monday Lunch 1Seneca Meadows
PLATINUM: Co-Monday Lunch 2County Waste
Monday Reception PopcornMilton CAT
Monday Reception Mini DogsGeotechnics, Inc.
Monday Reception PretzelsWaga Energy Inc.
Monday Reception Nachos$500
Monday Chocolate ExtravaganzaWheelabrator
Monday Bonfirewheelabrator
Co-Tuesday Adirondack Breakfast 1EDR
Co-Tuesday Adirondack Breakfast 2$500
Co-Tuesday Adirondack Breakfast 3$500
Co-Tuesday Adirondack Breakfast 4$500
Co-Tuesday Adirondack Breakfast 5$500
Tuesday "Juice" Bar$500
Co-Tuesday Coffee Break 1Capital Markets Advisors, LLC
Co-Tuesday Coffee Break 2National Waste and Recycling Association
Co-Tuesday Coffee Break 3$250
Co-Tuesday Coffee Break 4$250
Co-Tuesday Coffee Break 5$250
GOLD: Tuesday Lunch 1$2500
GOLD: Tuesday Lunch 2$2500
GOLD: Tuesday Lunch 3$2500
Tuesday Ice Cream BreakWaga Energy Inc.
Fishing Charters$750
Lake George Boat SightseeingGZA
Hike & Bus$500
Tuesday Golf Refreshments @ 9thGHD Consulting Services Inc.
GOLD: Tuesday Golf GiftsTully Environmental
PLATINUM: Co- Tuesday Cocktail Reception 1WMNY Waste Management
PLATINUM: Co-Tuesday Cocktail Reception 2Wheelabrator
PLATINUM: Co-Tuesday Cocktail Reception 3$5000
PLATINUM: Co-Tuesday Cocktail Reception 4$5000
Conference DJWaga Energy Inc.
GOLD: Tuesday Casino NightAria Energy
GOLD: Tuesday Night Casino PrizesATMOS
Co-Tuesday Night Dessert Bar 1West Group Law PLLC
Co-Tuesday Night Dessert Bar 2$500
Co-Tuesday Night Dessert Bar 3$500
Co-Tuesday Night Dessert Bar 4$500
Co-Tuesday Night Dessert Bar 5$500
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Central OfficeWaga Energy Inc.
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 1D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C.
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 2Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett, Inc.
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 3$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 4EDR
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 5$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 6$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 7GHD Consulting Services Inc.
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 8$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - Region 9$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - EPA Region 2$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - PA$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - NJ$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - MA, CT, RI$250
Wed. Continental Breakfast - ME, VT, NH$250
Wed. Regional Breakfast OmelettesGermano & Cahill, P.C.
GOLD: Co-Wednesday Brunch 1MXI
GOLD: Co-Wednesday Brunch 2$2500
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1001DurabacCollection EquipmentJustin Charbonneau
1002MXIDisposal ServicesMarc Kodrowski
1003Diamondback Products, Inc.Collection EquipmentAdam Hankins
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